Halloween has now gone and passed. Regardless, it’s my ultimate favourite time of the year to photograph. Why you may ask? Well, I shoot a lot of boudoir all year long and this is the one time of the year I can make things spooky, creative and empowering. I am a dark and moody photographer so adding Halloween as a theme is always an adventure for me!

As a kid, I enjoyed every moment of decorating, setting up scenes at my childhood home to entertain and bring life to halloween. From props to music and the overall atmosphere. As an adult, I strive to create the exact same feel from images. I want to look back on galleries and see a storyline. I think creating a story to each shoot I do is like reading a good book you never want to put down.

I like to experiment with different types of lighting, costumes and poses. I dig really deep and research everything you provide as a client about your halloween character(s). What type of location would I use? What would I do to individualize each character? Is it meant to be cute? Is it meant to be creepy and sensual? Or all of the above?

It’s the only time of the year where I get to make it dark, moody, creepy and sexy! I think it really brings out the best with empowerment while playing your role of the character you choose! Hear some shots from October 2023.





Thank you all for an amazing fall! Xoxo



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